Sun is the great source of solar energy. Solar energy is a generous, recoverable energy source all over the globe. Solar energy is exerted in abundant approaches, but converting this sun’s energy into electrical energy is recognized as solar energy. Modern world is afflicted by increasing rate of global warming which can be rehabilated through

iphone 6 in 14k on flipkart

Flipkart Father’s Day sale: iPhone 6 available at discount of over Rs 14,000

NEW DELHI: The leading e-commerce player Flipkart has started Father’s Day sale. Part of which it is offering iPhone 6 at a discount of 40 percent. The Apple iPhone 6 (16GB variant) in Space Grey colour is available at Rs 21,999 on Flipkart. Moreover, the users can also get additional discount of Rs 15,000 if

be smart than smart tech

How to be smarter than smart tech

The digital age has made smart technology pervasive: You keep your devices by your side as they entertain, assist, and help you live your best life. With each generation of smartphone or new laptop model, there’s more to do, learn, and explore than ever before. But it’s time to get smarter about the lifespan of