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Google Lets you Get your free website in minutes with business listing

Hello Guys, Google is now giving facility to get free business website. Anyone can create their business website for free with "Google My Business". With the help of using "Google My Business", businesses can create their first website for free. Google has started a move to help small and medium business enterprises (SMEs) leverage the power of internet, Google on Tuesday rolled out "Website With Google My Business", a new exclusive feature aimed at building a mobile optimised website very instantly. "Small business owners tell us that building a website can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. In order to solve these problems for them, we introduced a new simple, free, and fast way to build a mobile-optimised website through 'Website With Google My Business', said Shalini Girish, Director, Marketing Solutions, Google, in a statement. Google My Business allows businesses to create a page that contains all relevant information such as business title, description, location, contact information, and operation timing schedules. "Website with Google My Business" is available currently in 10 languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Google Said: "Over 120,000 Indian businesses were part of the pilot roll-out programme that has been running for the past five months. As part of the website builder, user can get a free domain from Google or buy your own with Google Domains right from 'Google My Business'.  Connect with customers by telling them exactly what you want them to do next, like call your business, book an appointment, or sign up for your mailing list."

Google Earth added new feature Live Video Feeds that shows the natural world

In this year, Google added features like browser support, 3D maps and informative Knowledge Cards and currently added Live Video Feeds. Recently Google has been hard at work on new features that should restore its wow factor. Google introduced the Voyager tab to Google Earth, a curated section of the program that whisks users away to see a particular sight. Now, this part of the software has been updated to support live video feeds, which lets you take interactive guided tours of interesting places. The first location that you can check out up close is the Katmai National Park in Alaska, which sees brown bears emerge from half a year of hibernation to catch salmon in the Brooks River. These cameras in Katmai are only the start of live content in Google Earth. Over time we’ll likely see Google continue working with programs such as to bring more live cameras to the service from around the world. In the meantime, I recommend checking out the “Lower River” camera for some active tracking on the bears. [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]   Last month, Google Earth partnered with National Geographic to launch new content as part of the Voyager program. Google also supplied schools with Cardboard viewers and other hardware to allow students to take part in Expeditions, tailored VR “field trips” that take learners away to exotic locations. Google Earth is a really amazing project, and it’s great to see Google putting so much effort in recent months into using it to its full potential. Whether it’s exposing Americans to the important role of the country’s national parks, or giving students a taste of the wider world, this piece of software has the capacity to do a great deal of good.


Must have android apps for women & girls

Hello all pretty women and girls. Today here are some summary of app which can be used by women and girls for safey and personal track of any tasks, menstrual cycles, to-do list and much more. Here listed apps are free to install. If we talk about Women safety then, women and girls safety has become the most important priority of the Indian government considering the increasing cases of crime against women and girls. You can see that there are many and various safety apps available at Google play store, designed and created for the protection and security of women & girls. The basics of these apps are similar — a user-decided list of emergency contacts to alert, and transmission of GPS-determined location — but the newer ones are easier to use, almost intuitive. (1) My Safetipin: Personal Safety My SafetiPin app is your personal safety companion to take safer decisions, based on the safety score of the area. You can get alerts when you are in an unsafe location. As long as the app is running in the background in your phone, it checks if you have entered an unsafe location. You will receive an alert and can choose to invite friends or family to track you. In short this app is to identify safe zones in a city for women safety. My SafetiPin app uses your GPS locator to give you safety information about your location. And uses GPS tracking to connect you with friends and family when you feel unsafe. It can also serve as a family locator. If you are in a place with low data availability and are interested in using My SafetiPin, do let us know. We will get back to you when we have data about your city. Get this app now from…